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Coat of arms of Não-Me-Toque
Coat of arms
Motto(s): "Honra e Labor"  (Latin)
"Honor and work"
Não-Me-Toque is located in Brazil
Coordinates: 28°27′32″S 52°49′15″W / 28°27′32″S 52°49′15″W / -28.45889; -52.82083
StateRio Grande do Sul
 • MayorArmando Carlos Roos (PP)
 • Total361.67 km2 (139.64 sq mi)
Elevation514 m (1,686 ft)
Population (2010)
 • Total15.936
 • Density0.044/km2 (0.11/sq mi)
Area code(s)54
Entrance to the city.

Não-Me-Toque (literally don't touch me in Portuguese) is a Brazilian municipality located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.


The city's current territory was only explored and occupied when Portuguese descendants established their farms on the place, in the second decade of the 19th century. By the end of the 19th century, families of German immigrants also occupied the southern part of the territory, in 1824. In 1949, the first Dutch families arrived to the town, making the city one of the starting points of the Dutch immigration on southern Brazil.[1]

There is no exact information of the name's origins, but there are two theories: the abundance of the Dasyphyllum spinescens plant, which name is "don't touch me" in Portuguese; or the establishment of the farm "Fazenda Não-Me-Toque", founded in July 20th of 1885.[2]

Because of the constant humiliation the citizens of the city suffered because of the name, it was renamed as Campo Real (Royal Field) on December of 1971, until it was changed back after a plebiscite in April of 1977.[3]

In April 2018, the city's mayor, Armando Carlos Roos, begun to be investigated for accusations of sexual harassment against a female public worker.[4]

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