Mirchel is located in Switzerland
Location of Mirchel
Karte Gemeinde Mirchel 2017.png
Mirchel is located in Canton of Bern
Mirchel (Canton of Bern)
Coordinates: 46°54′N 7°39′E / 46°54′N 7°39′E / 46.900; 7.650

Mirchel is a municipality in the Bern-Mittelland administrative district in the canton of Bern in Switzerland.


Mirchel is first mentioned in 1320 as Mirchlon.[3]

The oldest traces of a settlement in the area are a La Tene grave and iron tools. During the Middle Ages Mirchel was part of the Herrschaft of Signau. In 1529 the Herrschaft came under Bernese control and Mirchel became part of the Bernese bailiwick of Signau. It has always been part of the parish of Möschberg. Beginning in the 1970s many commuters settled in the municipality and today about two-thirds of the working population commutes to jobs nearby cities and towns.[3]

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