Mexican Anarchist Federation

The Mexican Anarchist Federation (sp: Federación Anarquista Mexicana) was a Mexican anarchist organization that existed from December 28, 1945 until the 1970s.[1] It appeared as the Anarchist Federation of the Center joined with the Anarchist Federation of the Federal District.[1]It published the periodical Regeneración.[1]It received the help of recent exiled Spanish anarchists who sought refuge in Mexico after escaping from Francisco Franco´s Spanish State.[1]


Shortly after its establishment it gained the attention of the Mexican police forces and the Mexican government after some Spanish exiled anarchists along with members of the Mexican Anarchist Federation were arrested after trying to rob a truck that carried large amounts of money from a beer industry.[1] Also linked to the Mexican Anarchist Federation was the Libertarian Youth (sp:Juventudes Libertarias)[1] and the publication Tierra y Libertad.[1]