Metro station

HUDA City Centre Metro Station is a terminal station in Gurugram, India that provides parking and disability facilities and is located near multiple colleges and universities.
Platform of Dortmund Stadthaus station in Dortmund, Germany
Every station of the Paris Métro Line 14 in France has automatic platform screen doors
Display of archeological relics found during construction in Athens Metro, part of the Syntagma Metro Station Archaeological Collection
Titan Subway Station, Bucharest, Romania

A metro station or subway station is a railway station for a rapid transit system, which as a whole is usually called a "metro" or "subway". A station provides a means for passengers to purchase tickets, board trains, and evacuate the system in the case of an emergency.


The location of a metro station is carefully planned to provide easy access to important urban facilities such as roads, commercial centres, major buildings and other transport nodes.

Most stations are located underground, with entrances/exits leading up to ground or street level. The bulk of the station is typically positioned under land reserved for public thoroughfares or parks. Placing the station underground reduces the outside area occupied by the station, allowing vehicles and pedestrians to continue using the ground-level area in a similar way as before the station's construction. This is especially important where the station is serving high-density urban precincts, where ground-level spaces are already heavily utilised.[1]

In other cases, a station may be elevated above a road, or at ground level depending on the level of the train tracks. The physical, visual and economic impact of the station and its operations will be greater. Planners will often take metro lines or parts of lines at or above ground where urban density decreases, extending the system further for less cost. Metros are most commonly used in urban cities, with great populations.[2] Alternatively, a preexisting railway land corridor is re-purposed for rapid transit.[3]

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