Metro Terminal Aérea

Terminal Aérea
Mexico City Metro
STC rapid transit
Señalamiento Metro terminal Aerea.png
LocationVenustiano Carranza, Mexico City
Coordinates19°26′01″N 99°05′16″W / 19°26′01″N 99°05′16″W / 19.433734; -99.087667 Mexico City Metro Mexico City Metro Line 5
Preceding station Mexico City Metro Following station
towards Politécnico
Mexico City Metro Mexico City Metro Line 5
towards Pantitlán

Metro Terminal Aérea is a station along Line 5 of the Mexico City Metro.[1][2] It is located in the Venustiano Carranza borough of Mexico City.[1] It serves the Colonia Peñón de los Baños and Colonia Moctezuma 2ª sección neighbourhoods.[1]

The station's logo – a commercial airliner and control tower – and its name are on account of its proximity to the check-in areas of Benito Juárez International Airport Terminal 1.[1][2][3] It was opened on 19 December 1981.[4]

This station has a travel agency and a mural.[1] It is one of the few stations that have a baggage-o-meter (the shape of a baggage screwed to the entrance's wall specifying the maximum size of luggage allowed in the station and on the metro).[citation needed]

Mural named Cuitzeo in honor of pre-Hispanic cultures in Metro Terminal Aerea


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