Metres above sea level

Redirected here: feet above sea level; AMSL means "above mean sea level", and may be used for heights specified in any units.

Metres above mean sea level (MAMSL) or simply metres above sea level (MASL or m a.s.l.) is a standard metric measurement in metres of the elevation or altitude of a location in reference to a historic mean sea level. Mean sea levels are affected by climate change and other factors and change over time. For this and other reasons, recorded measurements of elevation above sea level might differ from the actual elevation of a given location over sea level at a given moment.


Metres above sea level is the standard measurement of the elevation or altitude of:

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беларуская (тарашкевіца)‎: Вышыня над узроўнем мора
chiShona: Hukwidza
Esperanto: Supermara alteco
한국어: 해발고도
മലയാളം: ഉന്നതി
Bahasa Melayu: Atas min aras laut
norsk nynorsk: Meter over havet
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Plattdüütsch: Hööch över Seepegel
polski: N.p.m.
Simple English: Above mean sea level
slovenčina: Metrov nad morom
srpskohrvatski / српскохрватски: Nadmorska visina
татарча/tatarça: Diñgez däräcäse östendä bieklek
中文: 平均海拔