Martin of Aragon

Martín I de Aragón.jpg
King of Aragon, Valencia and Majorca
Count of Barcelona
Reign19 May 1396 – 31 May 1410
PredecessorJohn I
SuccessorFerdinand I
King of Sicily
Reign25 July 1409 – 31 May 1410
PredecessorMartin I
SuccessorFerdinand I
Born29 July 1356
Died31 May 1410(1410-05-31) (aged 53)
SpouseMaria de Luna
Margaret of Prades
Martin I of Sicily
HouseHouse of Barcelona
FatherPeter IV of Aragon
MotherEleanor of Sicily
ReligionRoman Catholicism
SignatureMartin's signature

Martin the Humane (29 July 1356 – 31 May 1410), also called the Elder and the Ecclesiastic, was King of Aragon, Valencia, Sardinia and Corsica and Count of Barcelona from 1396 and King of Sicily from 1409 (as Martin II). He failed to secure the accession of his illegitimate grandson, Frederic, Count of Luna, and with him the rule of the House of Barcelona came to an end.


Martin was born in 1356, in either Girona or Perpignan. He was the second son of King Peter IV of Aragon and Eleanor of Sicily (Leonora), princess of the Sicilian branch of the House of Aragon.[1]

As a cadet prince of the Aragonese royal family, Martin was given the Duchy of Montblanch (modern Montblanc).[2] In Barcelona on 13 June 1373, Martin married María López de Luna (d. Villarreal, 20 December 1406), the daughter and heiress of Lope,[3] Lord and 1st Count of Luna and Lord of Segorbe and his wife Brianda de Got, who was born in Provence and was related to Pope Clement V.

In 1380 his father appointed him lord and regent of the island of Sicily, then known also as Trinacria, since its queen Maria of Sicily, who was also Martin's cousin, was underage (Maria's father, Frederick III the Simple, died in 1377). As a son of Eleanor of Sicily, Martin was himself an heir to the island, should Maria's family die out.

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