Marshall Flinkman

Marshall Flinkman
Alias character
Marshall Flinkman ALIAS.png
Kevin Weisman as Marshall Flinkman
First appearance"Truth Be Told"
(episode 1.01)
Last appearance"All the Time in the World"
(episode 5.17)
Portrayed byKevin Weisman
OccupationHead of SD-6 Op Tech
Head of CIA (LA) Op Tech
Head of APO Op Tech
SpouseCarrie Bowman
ChildrenMitchell Flinkman (son)
three unnamed sons

Marshall J. Flinkman is a fictional character on the television series, Alias. Flinkman, portrayed by Kevin Weisman, is the tech geek at SD-6 and then later the CIA.[1][2] When a field agent is sent on a mission, Marshall serves in a function similar to Q from the James Bond films: as the in-house creator and proprietor of a number of gadgets and sophisticated tools used by field agent. named him one of the best TV nerds.[3]


Marshall has a quirky and eccentric personality, which contrasts with the stern nature of those around him. He is also socially inept, having a tendency to speak very rapidly, often babbling about tangential subjects in the middle of technical briefings (before someone impatiently brings Marshall back on to the topic at hand). He is always dressed well and wears his hair in a slick sidepart. He has a fondness for unnecessary visual aids when giving a presentation, once even playing a full drum set to make a point (actor Weisman is in a rock band). However, his expertise in almost any subject imaginable is unparalleled, being well-versed in robotics, chemistry, acoustics, electronics, biometrics, explosives, computer networks, and many other subjects. He also has a eidetic memory.

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