Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine

Cover of Vol. 2, issue 1 .

Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine was a quarterly fantasy magazine founded and initially edited by American writer Marion Zimmer Bradley. Fifty issues appeared from summer 1988 through December 2000.[1] It was published by MZB Enterprises from 1988-1989, Marion Zimmer Bradley Ltd. from 1990-1993, and the Marion Zimmer Bradley Living Trust from 1994-2000, all based in Berkeley, California.[2] The Trust continued publication for a short time after Bradley's death in 1999; the magazine went out of business at the end of 2000.[2][3][4][5]

The magazine featured "short, often humorous stories, many by female writers."[1] Interviews with distinguished fantasy authors also appeared in the magazine.[6]


  • Marion Zimmer Bradley, nos. 1-45, summer 1988-fall 1999
  • Rachel E. Holmen, January 2000-December 2000[7]
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