March 1964

March 27, 1964: Most powerful earthquake in U.S. history strikes Alaska on Good Friday

The following events occurred in March 1964:

March 1, 1964 (Sunday)

  • Eighty-five people were killed when Paradise Airlines Flight 901 crashed into a mountain in while on its way to Tahoe Valley, California, a ski resort town across the border from casinos in Nevada. Wreckage of the plane, a propeller-driven Lockheed Constellation, was located the next day on an 8,700 foot ridge in the Sierra Nevada mountains, where it had impacted after running into a sudden snowstorm while on its approach to Tahoe Valley.[1] Twenty passengers had taken off with the plane from Salinas and another 61 boarded at San Jose. Fifteen other people in San Jose had wanted to board Flight 901 but were told that they would have to catch a later plane.[2][3]
  • Anti-government demonstrations began in Gabon, with protesters shouting "Léon M'ba, président des Français!" ("Léon M'ba, President of the French!") and calling for the end of the "dictatorship".[4]
  • The American première of Karlheinz Stockhausen's Momente, performed by Martina Arroyo (soprano), the Crane Collegiate Singers of SUNY Potsdam (Brock McElheran, chorus master), and members of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra (Lukas Foss, music director), conducted by the composer, took place in Kleinhans Music Hall in Buffalo, New York.
  • The Liberian tanker Amphialos broke in two and sank 230 to 270 nautical miles (430 to 500 km) south east of Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada. HMCS Athabaskan of the Royal Canadian Navy rescued 34 of her 36 crew.[5][6]
  • Richard Welsh, a professional skydiver who was celebrating his 29th birthday, was killed by an accident blamed on his habit of screaming while pretending to fall off of an airplane and on the fact that he had no pocket on his outfit. Lacking a pocket, Welsh had clinched the handle of his parachute's ripcord between his teeth, but when he opened his mouth as he fell, the cord flew over his shoulder. As he fell 3,000 feet to his death, Welsh was seen "groping desperately all the way down" trying to grab the cord to open the chute; his body, along with his unopened parachute, was found in the backyard of a home in Delhi Township, Michigan.[7][8]
  • Born: Florencio Randazzo, Argentine politician, in Chivilcoy
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