Location of la Maragateria in the province of Leon
Characteristic Maragato stone houses in Valdespino de Somoza.
Traditional adorments of a Maragata
Detail of the mouthpiece of a Chifla, traditional flute from La Maragateria

La Maragatería or País de los Maragatos (Tierra de Maragatos in Leonese language), is an ancient historical region or traditional comarca in the landlocked Province of León, Spain. It borders with La Cepeda comarca in the north, La Valduerna in the south, with the comarcas of El Bierzo and La Cabrera in the west and southwest, and in the east with La Vega del Tuerto and La Valduerna.

La Maragatería encompasses lesser comarcas, like the Alta Maragatería, Baja Maragatería and the Somoza Comarca. Its inhabitants are known as "Maragatos".Leonese language is widely used in this shire.[1][not in citation given]


The main municipalities making up the comarca are:

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