Manizales, Caldas
Manizales, Caldas
Flag of Manizales
Official seal of Manizales
The city of open doorsWorld capital of coffee
Location of the city and municipality of Manizales in the Department of Caldas
Location of the city and municipality of Manizales in the Department of Caldas
Manizales is located in Colombia
Location in Colombia
Coordinates: 5°06′N 75°33′W / 5°06′N 75°33′W / 5.100; -75.550

Manizales (Spanish pronunciation: [maniˈsales]) is a city and municipality in central Colombia. It is the capital of the Department of Caldas, and lies near the Nevado del Ruiz volcano.

Currently, the city is the main center for the production of Colombian coffee and an important hub for higher educational institutions.


Manizales was founded on October 12, 1849. The city was founded by a group of twenty Antioquians (The Expedition of the 20), who came from Neira and Salamina. There is a strong Spanish influence in the culture and the population was very homogeneous, mostly white, until other ethnic groups migrated to the city, attracted by the universities.

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