Maloka Museum

Maloka dome theater facade

The Maloka Museum is an interactive science museum located in Bogotá, Colombia. Visitors interact with a wide variety of exhibits that explore topics in Science and Technology.

The museum has 9 rooms, with different science and technology topics; the Telecommunications Room shows interactive games about Binary System, the Computers' language, How does the cellphone work or what's the communication process.

The next room is The City, it shows different modules where you can see 3D images of Bogotá with glasses, the development and history of the city and see a model of it where you can see all the buildings in it.

The Human is a room where visitors can explore the perfect machine, the human body.

The Universe room is one of the most popular rooms in the museum, where visitors can do experiments, such as knowing a person's weight in the planets of Solar System.

Petroleum, is other room located in the second floor, there one can see the process of exploring and exploiting that treasure, and its different kinds and characteristics.

The Water Room, show you through games the physic and chemical characteristics of that liquid; the others are the Biodiversity and Boys & Girls' room.

The museum has an Activity Zone with math games and activities too.

The museum has a dome theater where documentaries are shown.

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