Magic system

A magic system, which might also be referred to as a magical system, is a set of rules that regulate the magical effects that can be produced in a fictional setting. Magic systems are most elaborate in both video games and role-playing games, because of the necessity to balance the game itself. A common feature of magical systems is either abide by its own environmental or physical law of nature, or use a method of limiting both the quantity and quality of spells that can be cased by a magic user.

Magical laws

Brandon Sanderson has written three articles pertaining to the usage of magic in literature. These are rules Sanderson himself utilizes in writing as guidelines, and may be used for writing in general.[1][2][3] Brandon summarized his lecture into 3 key points:[4]

  1. Sanderson’s First Law of Magic - An author’s ability to solve conflict with magic is DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL to how well the reader understands said magic.[5]
  2. Sanderson’s Second Law of Magic - Limitations must be GREATER than powers.[6]
  3. Sanderson’s Third Law of Magic - Expand what you ALREADY HAVE before you add anything new.[7]
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