Maat Mons

Maat Mons
Maat Mons on Venus.jpg
Maat Mons is displayed in this three-dimensional perspective view of the surface of Venus, with the vertical scale multiplied by 22.5. Based on Magellan probe radar images
Feature typeMountain
Coordinates0°30′N 194°36′E / 0°30′N 194°36′E / 0.5; 194.6[1]
Diameter395 km

Maat Mons is a massive shield volcano. It is the second-highest mountain, and the highest volcano, on the planet Venus. It rises 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) above the , and nearly 5 km above the surrounding plains.[2] It is named after the Egyptian goddess of truth and justice, Ma'at.


Maat Mons has a large summit caldera, 28×31 km in size. Within the large caldera there are at least five smaller collapse craters, up to 10 km in diameter.[3]

A chain of small craters 3–5 km in diameter extends some 40 km along the southeast flank of the volcano, but rather than indicating a large fissure eruption, they seem to also be formed by collapse: full resolution imagery from the Magellan probe reveals no evidence of lava flows from these craters.[3]

At least two large scale structural collapse events seem to have occurred in the past on Maat Mons.[3]

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