Church of the Assumption, Móstoles' oldest building
Church of the Assumption, Móstoles' oldest building
Flag of Móstoles
Coat of arms of Móstoles
Coat of arms
Móstoles is located in Community of Madrid
Location in Spain
Móstoles is located in Spain
Móstoles (Spain)
Coordinates: 40°20′0″N 3°52′0″W / 40°20′0″N 3°52′0″W / 40.33333; -3.86667UTC+2 (CEST)

Móstoles (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈmos.to.les]) is the second-largest city in population belonging to the autonomous community of Madrid. It is located 18 kilometres southwest from central Madrid. Móstoles was for a long time only a small village, but expanded rapidly in the twentieth century.

To some extent it is a dormitory suburb of Madrid, but it is also home to several polígonos (industrial estates). The city also hosts the main campus of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

Area and population

Móstoles has about 206,015 residents, Móstoles is located in the Community of Madrid, near the city of Madrid. After Madrid itself, it is the municipality with most residents of the Community of Madrid.

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