Livre tournois

The livre tournois (French pronunciation: ​[livʁ tuʁnwa], Tours pound) was:

Circulating currency

John II of France
John, armored, on horseback left, holding sword. Around IOHANNES DEI GRATIA – FRANCORV REX Cross fleurée; lis in quarters; all within tressure; trefoils in angles; around + XP'C* VInCIT* XP'C* REGNAT* XP'C* INPERAT
Franc à cheval, 1360
Charles V of France
Charles standing facing, holding sword, in Gothic arch flanked by lis; KAROLVS x DI x GR FRANCOR x REX ; there is an R at end of legend

(La Rochelle mint)

Ornate cross with trefoils at ends; lis and crowns in quarters; all within tressure; lis in angles. XPC* VINCIT x XRC REGNAT XRC* IMPERAT
Franc à pied
La Banque Royale-100 livres Tournois (1720)

The denier tournois coin was initially minted by the abbey of Saint Martin in the Touraine region of France. Soon after Philip II of France seized the counties of Anjou and Touraine in 1203 and standardized the use of the livre tournois there, the livre tournois began to supersede the livre parisis (Paris pound) which had been up to that point the official currency of the Capetian dynasty.

The livre tournois was, in common with the original livre of Charlemagne, divided into 20 sols (sous after 1715),[citation needed] each of which was divided into 12 deniers.

Between 1360 and 1641, coins worth one livre tournois were minted, known as francs (the name coming from the inscription "Johannes Dei Gratia Francorum Rex", "Jean, by the grace of God, King of the French").[citation needed] Other francs were minted under Charles V of France, Henri III of France and Henri IV of France. The use of the name "franc" became a synonym for livre tournois in accounting.

The first French paper money, issued between 1701 and 1720, was denominated in livres tournois (see "Standard Catalog of World Paper Money", Albert Pick). This was the last time the name was used officially, as later notes and coins were denominated simply in livres, the livre parisis having finally been abolished in 1667.[citation needed]

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