Liutprand, King of the Lombards

King of the Lombards
Luitprand tremissis 661673.jpg
A tremissis of Liutprand's, showing the kings' effigy
Pavia, Italy
BurialSan Pietro in Ciel d'Oro
Religionpre-Schism Roman Catholicism

Liutprand was the King of the Lombards from 712 to 744 and is chiefly remembered for his Donation of Sutri, in 728, and his long reign, which brought him into a series of conflicts, mostly successful, with most of Italy. He is often regarded as the most successful Lombard monarch, notable for the Donation of Sutri, which was the first accolade of sovereign territory to the Papacy.

Early life

Liutprand's life began inauspiciously. His father was driven to exile among the Bavarians, his older brother Sigipert was blinded by Aripert II, king of the Lombards and his mother Theodarada and sister Aurona were mutilated (their noses and ears were cut off). Liutprand was spared only because his youth made him appear harmless. He was released from Aripert II's custody and allowed to join his father (Paul the Deacon, VI.xxii).

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