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This is a selected list of notable massively multiplayer online games which are free-to-play in some form without ever requiring a subscription or other payment. These are commonly MMORPGs or MMOFPSs, but could be of any genre.

Free play

These MMOGs provide client software free of charge and allow users to play the game without requiring payment. The games' expenses are typically funded by sponsors or through donations (which have no effect in the game itself).

Developer(s) Release date Platform(s) Genre Synopsis Type
Allegiance Microsoft Research March 16, 2000 Windows Space Sim/RTS Hybrid 3D Space Combat with teamwork and RTS elements 3D
Astro Battle Lava Lord Games December 31, 2004 Windows, Linux Multi-directional shooter Overhead multi-directional shoot-em-up where players design their own ships 2D
Crossfire n/a 1992 Multi-platform, including Windows, OS X, Linux and others. Medieval fantasy MMORPG Open source cross between NetHack and Gauntlet. 2D
Gekkeiju Online Coolhouse Productions 2003 Windows Medieval fantasy MMORPG Players control an anime like character in a medieval fantasy world. 3D
Infantry Online Harmless Games LLC
Sony Online Entertainment
1999 Windows Action Players take the role of soldiers on an isometric battleground and fight in a variety of gametypes. 2.5D
Meridian 59 Archetype Interactive (original)
Near Death Studios (current)
December 15, 1995 Windows Role playing Play as an adventurer in a medieval sword-and-sorcery world alongside other adventurers 3D
Omerta Omerta Game Limited September 26, 2003 Browser-based MMORPG, Mafia Text
PlaneShift Atomic Blue 2016 (first release2003) Windows, OS X, Linux Medieval fantasy MMORPG An open source, fantasy MMORPG with strong emphasis on roleplaying. 3D
SubSpace Burst, Virgin Interactive, fan community November 30, 1997 Windows Action Players fly, fight and play a variety of games with spaceships. 2D
Terra Kaon Interactive (original)
Terra Outlands (current)
June 1997 Windows Action Play as a vehicle operator in a 24/7 3D virtual world individual or clan based battle game 3D
Underlight Lyra Studios March 1998 Windows Medieval fantasy MMORPG Play as a dreamer in the city of dreams, in a unique role-playing environment (in-character at all times). The game features live action FPS combat, an advancement system where players write quests for other players, and a unique faction system with fixed houses that are player run. 3D
Urban Dead Kevan Davis July 3, 2005 Browser-based Survival horror Play as a human or a zombie trying to survive in the undead-infested city of Malton. Text
Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network
n/a July 2001 n/a Flight simulation Uses existing flight simulation software with custom plug-ins, players may interact with the network as either pilots or air traffic controllers.
Wyvern Steve Yegge, Cabochon, Inc. February 4, 2001 Windows, OS X, Linux Fantasy MMORPG Crossfire and NetHack inspired game where players take on the mantle of adventurer and battle monsters in their quest. 2D
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