List of MUDs

This is a chronological list of notable MUDs with summary information.


Title The MUD's title; if it has had more than one title, the most recent title. Disambiguation is included only when MUDs in this list have the same title.
Founded The date the MUD was founded or first made publicly accessible.
Closed The date the MUD ceased to be publicly accessible. A blank entry indicates the MUD continues to operate.
Business model A brief description of the MUD's business model. "Free" means the MUD has no revenue stream. "Subscription" means that the MUD charges a periodic subscription fee for access or for a set level of in-game benefits, such as a "full" or "non-trial" account. "Pay for perks" means that the MUD accepts payments (which may be called "donations") and provides in-game benefits in exchange for them, on an à la carte basis. "Donation-supported" means that the MUD accepts payments, but its policies exclude providing in-game benefits in exchange for them. "Donation-drive supported" means that the MUD accepts payments, with policies excluding providing in-game benefits in exchange for them, only at specific times for specific purposes (most typically hardware upgrades), and does not accept payments at other times. "Freebie marketing" means that the MUD, by its existence, provides a purchase incentive for external goods.
Developer The company that carried out development of the MUD, or if the MUD was not developed by a company, major individual contributors, if known by real name; "Et al." indicates other contributors, often a large number of participants in a project community.
Publisher Any third parties that published the MUD. A blank entry indicates independent publication. "Independent" may also appear with a list of third parties to indicate that the MUD was independently published in addition to being published by third parties.
Setting A summary of the genre of the MUD's setting or, if applicable, the specific setting it is based on.
Style A summary of the style or styles of interaction the MUD focuses on.
Family The general family of MUD server software that the MUD is associated with, if any.
Codebase The specific server software the MUD is based on; a blank entry indicates independently developed, custom infrastructure. Multiple items indicate different codebases the MUD has used over time.
Mudlib The mudlib the MUD is based on, if any.
Contributions Publicly released software originating with the MUD or other public contributions.
Notes Other brief and significant information: MUDs in this article that are versions of one another, category origination, key clarifications. Not for general information about the MUD.
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