Lillo, Spain

Coat of arms of Lillo
Coat of arms
Lillo is located in Spain
Location in Spain
Coordinates: 39°43′17″N 3°18′17″W / 39°43′17″N 3°18′17″W / 39.72139; -3.30472

Lillo is a small farming town in Spain, 94 km south of the capital Madrid.

The town has a population of 1000. Currently only low grade accommodations (pensions) are available. Rated accommodation is available in the nearest town (Villacanas) 15 km away.

One main feature of the town other than its agricultural aspects is the Airport located on the edge of the surban area of the town.

The airport is home to Skydive Lillo, a skydiving centre and up until the present day attracts skydivers from all over the world. The airport also houses a gliding club and small flight school.

The town centre consists of a church and central plaza with water fountain, with all surban areas emminating from this point.

The town hosts a vegetable and sweet market every Monday morning which is the major social focal point for the residents who preside there once a week.

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