Libro de Apolonio

Libro de Apolonio

The Libro de Apolonio (Book of Apollonius) is an anonymous work of medieval Spanish literature written in Alexandrine quatrains around the middle of the thirteenth century in the learned genre of the Mester de clerecía. It is based on the medieval Latin Historia Apolonii Regis Tyrii.[1]

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  1. ^ Rita Hamilton; A. D. Deyermond (1976). Festschrift. Tamesis. pp. 31–. ISBN 978-0-900411-98-4. The source of the Libro de Apolonio, the Historia Apollonii regis Tyri, has strongly influenced the form of the riddles posed by the heroine Tarsiana, but could popular traditional versions of the riddles also have exercised an influence?

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