Lester del Rey

Lester del Rey
Judy-Lynn and Lester del Rey at Minicon in Minneapolis, 1974
Judy-Lynn and Lester del Rey at Minicon in Minneapolis, 1974
BornLeonard Knapp
June 2, 1915 (1915-06-02)
Saratoga, Minnesota, United States
DiedMay 10, 1993(1993-05-10) (aged 77)
New York City, New York, United States
Pen nameJohn Alvarez, Marion Henry, Philip James, Philip St. John, Charles Satterfield, Erik van Lhin, Kenneth Wright
OccupationWriter, editor
GenreFantasy, science fiction
SpouseHelen Schlaz (second of four, m. 1945), Evelyn Harrison, Judy-Lynn Benjamin
del Rey's novella "When the World Tottered" was the cover story in the December 1950 issue of Fantastic Adventures, illustrated by Robert Gibson Jones
del Rey's novelette "The Wind Between the Worlds" was the cover story in the March 1951 issue of Galaxy Science Fiction
del Rey's novelette "I Am Tomorrow" was the cover story in the debut issue of Dynamic Science Fiction in 1952
del Rey's "short novel" "The Life Watch" took the cover of the September 1954 issue of Fantastic Universe
del Rey's novel Badge of Infamy took the cover of the June 1957 issue of Satellite Science Fiction
del Rey's "Spawning Ground" was the cover story in the September 1961 issue of If

Lester del Rey (June 2, 1915 – May 10, 1993) was an American science fiction author and editor. He was the author of many books in the juvenile Winston Science Fiction series, and the editor at Del Rey Books, the fantasy and science fiction imprint of Ballantine Books, along with his fourth wife Judy-Lynn del Rey.

Birth name

Del Rey often told people his real name was Ramon Felipe Alvarez-del Rey (and sometimes even Ramon Felipe San Juan Mario Silvio Enrico Smith Heartcourt-Brace Sierra y Alvarez del Rey y de los Uerdes). He also claimed that his family was killed in a car accident in 1935. However, his sister has confirmed that his name was in fact Leonard Knapp, and the accident in 1935 killed his first wife but not his parents, brother, or sister.[1]

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