Les Wriggles

Les Wriggles
Les Wriggles (13).jpg
Les Wriggles in 2009
Background information
GenresFrench variety
Years active1995-2009
Associated actsVolo, Noof
Past members1995-2009:
Christophe Gendreau
Stéphane Gourdon
Frédéric Volovitch

Antoine Réjasse
Franck Zerbib

Les Wriggles is a French music group that formed in 1995 made up of five members, Christophe Gendreau, Stéphane Gourdon, Frédéric Volovitch, Antoine Réjasse, and Franck Zerbib. They wear red cloths throughout their concerts. In September 2006, Réjasse and Zerbib left the band to pursue solo careers renderring it a trio. In 2001, Frédéric Volovitch formwed a side project with his brother Olivier Volovitch called Volo without quitting the band.

Other projects

  • Frédéric Volovitch was involved in a side project with his brother Olivier called Volo since 2001 but stayed with Les Wriggles until final break-up
  • Stephane Gourdon was also involved in a solo project with the stage named Noof.
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