Lenalee Lee

Lenalee Lee
D.Gray-man character
Lenalee Lee as drawn by Katsura Hoshino
First appearance D.Gray-man manga chapter 6 (2004)
Created by Katsura Hoshino
Voiced by Japanese
Shizuka Itō
Ai Kakuma (Hallow)
Luci Christian

Lenalee Lee ( Japanese: リナリー・リー, Hepburn: Rinarī Rī) is a fictional character of the manga series D.Gray-man, created by Japanese writer and artist Katsura Hoshino. Within the series, set in a fictional 19th century, Lenalee is an exorcist of the Black Order organization tasked with destroying demonic beings called Akuma created by the Millennium Earl, and aiding the Black Order in its fight against the Earl's group, the Noah Family. To do this, she uses a type of weapon called "Innocence" that, in her case, takes the shape of a pair of boots. Lenalee was originally forced to become an exorcist when she was a child, but ended up appreciating it after her older brother, Komui Lee, moved to the Black Order to avoid being left alone and at the same time became friends with all the staff. Outside the main series, Lenalee has also appeared in the series' light novels and video games.

Lenalee was one of the first characters Hoshino created for the manga, most notably before the series' protagonist, Allen Walker. She originated from Hoshino's one shot, Zone, where she is depicted as a teenager who wants the Earl to revive her boyfriend. Her design changes across the series due to Hoshino's wish to draw Lenalee with different hairstyles. Lenalee has been well received by the series' readers, keeping the 4th place in every character popularity poll. Reviewers also praised Lenalee's characterization due to how easygoing she is, as well as due to her role in the story.

Creation and design

Luci Christian voices Lenalee in the anime's English dub.

Katsura Hoshino's one shot Zone featured many similar characters to those would appear in D.Gray-man, especially characters similar to Lenalee, the Millennium Earl, and General Cross Marian. Many other characters are also "leftovers" from other previous, and sometimes unpublished, works.[ vol. 8:40] Lenalee was one of the earliest characters created for the series, most notably, before Allen. Hoshino based Lenalee on one real person but she only revealed who the person is to her editor who laughed at the revelation. Hoshino considers Lenalee as an ideal girl.[ vol. 1:172] Her exorcist uniform was remade multiple times until the author became satisfied with it.[ vol. 1:172] Lenalee was originally going to be portrayed as crabby and fiery based on her dark backstory but ended up as a nice girl. [1]

Hoshino thought that in a Victorian setting, long-haired girls tended to become the central character. After considering this, she believed a short-haired girl would stand out better and would be much cuter. [2] However, Hoshino's editor wanted the character to appear as long-haired, believing it would be better received by the readers. As a result, Lenalee ended with long hair during early chapters of the manga. [2] Nevertheless, Hoshino took advantage of Lenalee's fight against the Level 3 Akuma in order to generate an impact strong enough to make her lose part of her hair in the process. [2] Hoshino paid the most attention to Lenalee's uniform and wanted to design clothing that would be sexually appealing. As a result, the uniform included a mini-skirt. However, Hoshino notes that the design does not fit with the manga's setting and states that it is best to treat Lenalee's uniform as fan service. [2]

Hoshino still enjoyed drawing Lenalee's hair despite finding Yu Kanda's hair impossible to top. Nevertheless, the author enjoys drawing the character due to her personality and her relationship with other characters such as Komui and Reever Wenhamm. Due to her hairstyle becoming longer as the series goes on, the author said she would give different hairstyles. Ever since the manga moved to a magazine sold for older readers, Jump Square, Hoshino decided to increase the character's sex appeal by having her skirt shorter even though she is also wearing shorts underneath. After Allen became a fugitive of the Order, Hoshino wished to have Lenalee chase after him, to the point they would clash. [1] When asked about Allen's farewell hug to Lenalee as leaves the Order, Hoshino joked that she was happy with how the former matured and at the same time became taller than the latter, in contrast to the series' beginning when both of them had the same height. [3]

Lenalee was voiced by Shizuka Itō in the original Japanese animated adaptation of the manga. [4] Hoshino joked that Lenalee seemed more beautiful after she saw Itō's work. Itō was replaced voiced by Ai Kakuma in the anime sequel D.Gray-man Hallow in Japanese. Lenalee is voiced by Luci Christian in English. The apparent romantical relationship that grows within the series between Lenalee and Allen resulted in a video where Christian acted as Lenalee confessing her feelings to Allen. [5]

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