Flag of Leicestershire County Council
Leicestershire within England
Sovereign stateUnited Kingdom
Constituent countryEngland
RegionEast Midlands
Ceremonial county
High SheriffTimothy Hercock [1] (2019–20)
Area2,156 km2 (832 sq mi)
 • Ranked28th of 48
Population (mid-2018 est.)1,043,800
 • Ranked21st of 48
Density484/km2 (1,250/sq mi)
Ethnicity85.0% White
11.9% S.Asian
1.2% Black British
1.5% Mixed Race
Non-metropolitan county
County councilLeicestershire County Council
Admin HQGlenfield
Area2,083 km2 (804 sq mi)
 • Ranked20th of 27
 • Ranked16th of 27
Density331/km2 (860/sq mi)
ISO 3166-2GB-LEC
ONS code31
200 x 208px
Districts of Leicestershire
  1. Charnwood
  2. Melton
  3. Harborough
  4. Oadby and Wigston
  5. Blaby
  6. Hinckley and Bosworth
  7. North West Leicestershire
  8. City of Leicester (Unitary)
Members of Parliament
Time zoneGreenwich Mean Time (UTC)
 • Summer (DST)British Summer Time (UTC+1)

Leicestershire (ɪər/ (About this soundlisten); postal abbreviation Leics.) is a landlocked county in the English Midlands. The county borders Nottinghamshire to the north, Lincolnshire to the north-east, Rutland to the east, Northamptonshire to the south-east, Warwickshire to the south-west, Staffordshire to the west, and Derbyshire to the north-west. The border with most of Warwickshire is Watling Street (the A5).

Leicestershire takes its name from the city of Leicester (unitary authority) located at its centre and administered separately from the rest of the county. The ceremonial county (non-metropolitan county plus the city of Leicester) has a total population of just over 1 million (2016 estimate), more than half of which (c. 50%–65%) lives in 'Greater Leicester' (Leicester's built-up area).


Leicestershire was recorded in the Domesday Book in four wapentakes: Guthlaxton, Framland, Goscote and Gartree. These later became hundreds, with the division of Goscote into West Goscote and East Goscote, and the addition of Sparkenhoe hundred. In 1087, the first recorded use of the name was as Lægrecastrescir.

Leicestershire's external boundaries have changed little since the Domesday Survey. The Measham-Donisthorpe exclave of Derbyshire has been exchanged for the Netherseal area, and the urban expansion of Market Harborough has caused Little Bowden, previously in Northamptonshire to be annexed.

In 1974, the Local Government Act 1972 abolished the county borough status of Leicester city and the county status of neighbouring Rutland, converting both to administrative districts of Leicestershire. These actions were reversed on 1 April 1997, when Rutland and the City of Leicester became unitary authorities. Rutland became a distinct Ceremonial County once again, although it continues to be policed by Leicestershire Constabulary.

The symbol of the county council, Leicestershire County Cricket Club and Leicester City FC, is the fox. Leicestershire is considered to be the birthplace of fox hunting as it is known today. Hugo Meynell, who lived in Quorn, is known as the father of fox hunting. Melton Mowbray and Market Harborough have associations with fox hunting, as has neighbouring Rutland.

Leicestershire and Herefordshire are the only two English counties lacking a registered flag.[2] A design was proposed for Leicestershire in 2017 based on symbols associated with the county – a fox and a cinquefoil.[3]

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