Legislation on Chinese Indonesians

A letter requesting a name change, in accordance with Cabinet Presidium Decision 127 of 1966

Indonesian law affecting Chinese-Indonesians were conducted through a series of laws, directives, or constitutions enacted by the Government of Indonesia that affected the lives of Chinese Indonesians or Chinese nationals living in Indonesia since the nation's independence. The laws were made against Chinese Indonesians. Most of these laws are revoked following Reformation era under president Abdurrahman Wahid.


In the early 1950s the Government of Indonesia (GoI) issued Benteng program (translates to fortress program), stating that only indigenous Indonesians (pribumi) were allowed to have licenses to import certain items classified as "fortress" items. During its implementation, this rule gave birth to the term "Ali Baba", referring to underground trade activities with co-operation between Chinese businessmen and native Indonesians who have connections in government bureaucracy.[1]

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