Legal Marijuana Now Party

Legal Marijuana Now Party
ChairpersonMichael Ford
Founded1998; 21 years ago (1998)
Headquarters1835 Englewood Avenue
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104
NewspaperFreedom Gazette
IdeologyMarijuana legalization
Political positionDemocratic socialism
Colors     Green, Gold, Red
Seats in the Senate
0 / 100
Seats in the House
0 / 435
0 / 50
State Upper House Seats
0 / 1,972
State Lower House Seats
0 / 5,411

Legal Marijuana Now is a political third party in the United States established in 1998 to oppose drug prohibition.[1] The party shares many of the progressive values of the Farmer-Labor Party but with an emphasis on marijuana/hemp legalization issues.

The Legal Marijuana Now Party is an offshoot of the Grassroots Party,[2] and the organization traces their roots to the Youth International Party of the 1960s.

Legal Marijuana Now is active in the U.S. states of Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Jersey, and Wisconsin.

A primary goal of the Legal Marijuana Now Party, aside from getting pro-cannabis candidates into office, is to increase voter turnout in elections.[3]

Legal Marijuana Now is a social democratic party that is anti-war, pro-labor and supports the rights of all minority groups.[4] The Legal Marijuana Now Party promotes wise environmental stewardship, and denounces corporate personhood.


United States Bill of Rights

The permanent platform of the Legal Marijuana Now party is the Bill of Rights.[5] All Legal Marijuana Now candidates would end marijuana/hemp prohibition, thus re-legalizing cannabis for all its uses.

Social democracy

The Legal Marijuana Now Party is a grassroots group that derives their strength from the people.[6] Legal Marijuana Now Party is pro-labor and anti-war.[4] Prohibition endangers public safety by fostering corruption, curtailing civil liberties, and perpetuating racism. The Legal Marijuana Now Party believes legalization would bring more jobs and money into the economy.[1]

Ecological democracy

The hemp plant provides multiple durable goods such as rope, fabric, industrial oil, and biofuel. Cannabis itself is food and medicine.[7]

According to Mark Elworth, Jr., the Legal Marijuana Now Party candidate for vice president in 2016, "Let's let farmers produce environmentally-friendly hemp again."

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