Laurus nobilis

Laurus nobilis
Bay leaf pair443.jpg
Bay laurel (Laurus nobilis) flower buds and leaves
Scientific classification edit
L. nobilis
Binomial name
Laurus nobilis

Laurus nobilis is an aromatic evergreen tree or large shrub with green, glabrous (smooth and hairless) leaves, in the flowering plant family Lauraceae. It is native to the Mediterranean region and is used as bay leaf for seasoning in cooking. Its common names include bay tree (esp. United Kingdom),[1]:84 bay laurel, sweet bay, true laurel, Grecian laurel,[2] or simply laurel. Laurus nobilis figures prominently in classical Greco-Roman culture.

Worldwide, many other kinds of plants in diverse families are also called "bay" or "laurel", generally due to similarity of foliage or aroma to Laurus nobilis, and the full name is used for the California bay laurel (Umbellularia), also in the family Lauraceae.


A laurel shrub
Laurus nobilis in pot
Laurus nobilis bloomed

The Laurel is an evergreen shrub or small tree, variable in size and sometimes reaching 7–18 m (23–59 ft) tall.[1] The genus Laurus includes four accepted species,[3] whose diagnostic key characters often overlap.[4]

The Bay Laurel is dioecious (unisexual), with male and female flowers on separate plants.[5] Each flower is pale yellow-green, about 1 cm (0.39 in) diameter, and they are borne in pairs beside a leaf. The leaves are glabrous, 6–12 cm (2.4–4.7 in) long and 2–4 cm (0.79–1.57 in) broad, with an entire (untoothed) margin. On some leaves the margin undulates.[5] The fruit is a small, shiny black berry-like drupe about 1 cm (0.39 in) long[5] that contains one seed.[6][1]

A recent study found considerable genetic diversity within L. nobilis, and that L. azorica is not genetically or morphologically distinct.[7]

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