Ladon (river)

Ladonas river.jpg
Country Greece
Physical characteristics
Main source Peloponnese
River mouth Alfeios
37°35′35″N 21°49′13″E / 37°35′35″N 21°49′13″E / 37.59306; 21.82028
Length approx. 70 km (43 mi)
Martin Tyroff: Rivergod Ladon turns his daughter Daphne into a laurel bush. Martin Opitz , Daniel Wilhelm Triller: Teutsche Gedichte, 1746.

The Ladon (modern Greek: Λάδωνας, Ládonas) is a river in the Peloponnese peninsula of Greece. It features in Greek mythology. It is a tributary to the river Alfeios, which empties into the Ionian Sea.


The Ladon rises on the western slope of the Aroania mountain, near the village Kastriá, Kleitoria municipal unit, Achaea. It flows south, receives its left tributary Aroanios, flows along Kleitoria and turns southwest near the Arcadian border. It flows through the artificial Ladon Lake, and turns south again near Dimitra. It flows into the Alfeios 3 km southeast of the village Tripotamia.

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