La Romana Province, Dominican Republic

La Romana
Country Dominican Republic
CapitalLa Romana
 - elevation10 m (33 ft)
 - coordinates18°25′48″N 68°58′12″W / 18°25′48″N 68°58′12″W / 18.43000; -68.97000
Area653.95 km2 (252 sq mi)
Population344,580 (2014) [1]
Density527/km2 (1,365/sq mi)
Province since1944
Subdivisions3 municipalities
2 municipal districts
Congresspersons1 Senator
4 Deputies
TimezoneEST (UTC-4)
Area code1-809 1-829 1-849
ISO 3166-2DO-12
Postal Code22000
Location of the La Romana Province

La Romana (Spanish pronunciation: [la ɾoˈmana]) is a province of the Dominican Republic. The capital is also named La Romana, and is the third-largest city in the country. La Romana was elevated to the category of province in 1944.

La Romana is also home to Casa de Campo, one of the world's largest resorts and top golfing destinations. The "Teeth of the Dog" golf course is world-renowned, and many international and local artists perform at "Altos de Chavón", an artistic community and university.

Municipalities and municipal districts

Part of La Romana province as seen from off the shore of Catalina Island

The province as of June 20, 2006 is divided into the following municipalities (municipios) and municipal districts (distrito municipal - D.M.) within them:[2]

The following is a sortable table of the municipalities with population figures as of an estimate on the 2012 census. Urban population are those living in the seats (cabeceras literally heads) of municipalities or of municipal districts. Rural population are those living in the districts (Secciones literally sections) and neighborhoods (Parajes literally places) outside of them.[3] For comparison with the municipalities and municipal districts of other provinces see the list of municipalities and municipal districts of the Dominican Republic.

Name Total population Urban population Rural population
Guaymate 28,233 7,089 21,144
La Romana 207,784 147,373 60,411
Villa Hermosa 108,563 70,675 37,888
La Romana province 344,580 225,137 119,443
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