La Reina

La Reina
In the background, Cerro Provincia (left) and the Cerro San Ramón (centre)
In the background, Cerro Provincia (left) and the Cerro San Ramón (centre)
Coat of arms
Coat of arms
Map of La Reina commune within Greater Santiago
La Reina within Greater Santiago
Location in Chile
Location in Chile
La Reina
Location in Chile
Coordinates: 33°27′S 70°33′W / 33°27′S 70°33′W / -33.450; -70.550
RegionSantiago Metro.
 • TypeMunicipality
 • AlcaldeJosé Manuel Palacios (UDI)
 • Total23.4 km2 (9.0 sq mi)
(2002 Census)[3]
 • Total96,762
 • Density4,100/km2 (11,000/sq mi)
 • Urban
 • Rural
 • Men44,293
 • Women52,469
Time zoneUTC-4 (CLT[4])
Municipality of La Reina

La Reina (Spanish: "The Queen") is a commune of Chile located in Santiago Province, Santiago Metropolitan Region. It was originally the Larraín family ranch; the corruption of the Larraín surname gives the area its unusual name. It was created in 1963 from an eastern portion of the Ñuñoa commune.

La Reina is a leafy, residential commune, inhabited by mostly mid to upper-mid income families and high-income (La Reina Alta, towards the east) groups. It consistently ranks in the top five communes with the best quality of life in the Metropolitan Region. A small airport —Aerodrómo Eulogio Sánchez Errázuriz (better known as Tobalaba)— is located on the southern part. The military recently opened its new hospital complex along the commune's main avenue Avenida Larraín.


According to the 2002 census of the National Statistics Institute, La Reina spans an area of 23.4 km2 (9 sq mi) and has 96,762 inhabitants (44,293 men and 52,469 women), making the commune an entirely urban area. The population grew by 4.7% (4,352 persons) between the 1992 and 2002 censuses.[3] The 2006 projected population was 96,551.[5][not in citation given]


Notable residents

  • Michelle Bachelet, former President of Chile
  • Fernando Castillo Velasco, architect, former mayor of La Reina and former governor of the Santiago Metropolitan Region
  • Amanda de Negri Quintana, lawyer and former political prisoner under Pinochet's regime
  • Mónica Echeverría Yáñez, writer
  • Fernando González, retired tennis player
  • Erich Honecker, former president of East Germany
  • Margot Honecker, former Education Minister of East Germany, wife of Erich Honecker
  • Ricardo Lagos, former President of Chile
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