Saxonian Deck - Acorns - Unter.jpg
The Unter of Acorns - the top trump
Card rank (highest first)A K O (U) 10 9
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Kratzen, Lupfen, Mauscheln, Mistigri, Tippen, Zwicken
Features: pot, 5 cards, 2 Wenzels as top trumps

Kontraspiel, also called Contra, is a German 5-card plain-trick game for four individual players using 24 cards. Eldest hand has the first right to accept or make trumps. The Unters of Acorns and Leaves (the equivalent of the two black Jacks) are permanent highest trumps, the Wenzels. Kontraspiel is similar to the Scandinavian game Polskpas and is recorded as early as 1811.[1]

Card ranking

Tens are low. The two Wenzels are the highest members of the trump suit, with the Bay eichel.pngU ranking higher than the Bay gras.pngU. A Wenzel is not part of its natural suit unless this happens to be the trump suit. If the trump suit is either Hearts or Bells there are 8 trumps. Otherwise there are only seven trumps.

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