Konon Molody

Soviet intelligence officer Konon Molody as depicted on a 1990 USSR commemorative stamp

Konon Trofimovich Molody (Russian: Ко́нон Трофи́мович Моло́дый, 17 January 1922 - 9 September 1970) was a Soviet intelligence officer, better known in the West as Gordon Arnold Lonsdale. He was an illegal resident spy during the Cold War and the mastermind of the Portland Spy Ring.

The real Gordon Lonsdale

A person by the name of Gordon Arnold Lonsdale was born on 27 August 1924 in Cobalt, Ontario, Canada. His father was a miner, Emmanuel Jack Lonsdale, and his mother was Olga Elina Bousa, an immigrant from Finland. The Lonsdales were separated in 1931 and a year later, Olga took her son with her back to her native Finland. It is presumed that he died c. 1943 and that his papers were obtained by the Soviets for use by their agents.[1]

There is some doubt that the Lonsdale born in Cobalt in 1924 was the Lonsdale arrested in London in 1961: the former had been circumcised, the latter was not.[1]