Kobryn District

Kobryn District

Кобрынскі раён Кобринский район

Kobryn Raion
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Coat of arms
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Administrative centerhttp://kobrin.brest-region.by

Kobryn District is an administrative subdivision, a raion of Brest Region, in Belarus. The regional center - the city of Kobrin. In the region of 162 localities belonging to the 13 rural councils. According to the 2009 census, the population of the district is 88 037 people,[1] of which 51 166 people living in Kobrin, and the remaining 36 871 in rural areas. 87.9% are of Belarusian, 6.1% Russian, 4.5% Ukrainian and 0.6% Polish ethnicity. 51.2% speak Russian and 43.1% Belarusian as their native language.

Tourist Information

Among the attractions of the area 15 archeological monuments, 26 architectural monuments, 3 historical monument, the park is named after Suvorov.

Among the monuments in the local account, there are: 12 archeological sites; 9 ancient tombs and boulders; 35 monuments of the cult-building; 9 estates; 3 historical monument and a memorial plaque dedicated to the War of 1812; 9 of historical monuments from the First World War and the Soviet-Polish war (6 military cemeteries of World War I); 5 historical times Kobrinschiny part II of Poland; 93 monuments of the Great Patriotic War; 14 monuments of the famous countrymen and government leaders. Also near the village tract in Lyahchitsy Kniazha Mountain is the tomb, which is buried in the national tradition Olga.

Other Languages
беларуская: Кобрынскі раён
беларуская (тарашкевіца)‎: Кобрынскі раён
Deutsch: Rajon Kobryn
français: Raïon de Kobryn
latviešu: Kobrinas rajons
Nordfriisk: Kobryn (Distrikt)
sicilianu: Raën di Kobryn
српски / srpski: Кобрински рејон
українська: Кобринський район