Kingdom of Tallo

The Kingdom of Tallo was one of the two kingdoms of Makassar in South Sulawesi from the 15th century to 1856. The state stood in a close political relation to the Sultanate of Gowa. After the Islamization of the Gowa and Tallo kingdoms in the early 17th century, they were usually collectively known as the Makassar Kingdom.

Early history

The Kingdom of Tallo dates from the mid-15th century. When the 6th King of Gowa, Tunatangka'lopi, died, he was succeeded as the 7th King of Gowa by his eldest son Batara Gowa Tuminanga ri Paralakkenna, while his brother Karaeng Loe ri Sero ruled part of the region as the first King of Tallo. The Kingdom of Tallo region included Saumata, Pannampu, Moncong Loe, and Parang Loe.

The two kingdoms of Tallo and Gowa subsequently engaged each other in combat and competition, until Tallo was defeated. During the reign of the 10th King of Gowa, Tunipalangga Ulaweng, and the 4th King of Tallo, Daeng Padulu (c. 1540-1576), an agreement was reached. This was known as Rua karaeng se're ata (two kings but one people). The agreement regulated the fellowship so that the King of Gowa became Sombaya (highest king) while the King of Tallo became the 'blind Speaker' of the fellowship of the two kingdoms. Since then, the Kingdom of Tallo was always involved in and supported the expansion of the Sultanate of Gowa in South Sulawesi and beyond. The elite of the kingdom accepted Islam in 1605, and strove to disseminate the creed in different directions in the Indonesian Archipelago.[1]

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