Kingdom of Lunda

Lunda shown in the lower middle of the map in pink.

The Nation of Lunda (c. 1665 CE – c. 1887 CE) was a confederation of states in what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo, north-eastern Angola, and north-western Zambia, its central state was in Katanga.


Initially, the core of what would become the Lunda confederation was a commune called a Gaand in the kiLunda language. It was ruled over by a monarch called the Mwata Gaand. One of these rulers, Ilunga Tshibinda, came from the nation of Luba where his brother ruled and married a royal woman from a nation to their south. Their son became the first paramount ruler of the Lunda, creating the title of Mwata Yamvo (c. 1664 CE).

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