Ken Leung

Ken Leung
Ken Leung.jpg
Leung in 2010
Kenneth Leung

(1970-01-21) January 21, 1970 (age 48)
Alma materNew York University
Years active1995–present
Home townTwo Bridges, Manhattan
Midwood, Brooklyn
Old Bridge, New Jersey

Kenneth Leung (born January 21, 1970) is an American actor who is best known for playing Miles Straume in Lost, Admiral Statura in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Detective Stephen Sing in Saw, and Kid Omega in X-Men: The Last Stand. He portrays the Marvel Comics character Karnak, a member of the Inhumans, on the ABC television series Inhumans, which premiered in September 2017.

Early life

Leung was born in New York City and initially raised in the Two Bridges section of the Lower East Side of Manhattan. His family moved to Midwood, Brooklyn, where he grew up before finishing high school in Old Bridge, New Jersey.

Leung later attended New York University (NYU) as a University Scholar. He discovered acting in his junior year, when he studied acting with Catherine Russell and Nan Smithner,[citation needed] and then briefly with Anne Jackson at HB Studio.[citation needed] During this time he acted mostly in downtown spaces and black box theaters, working with groups such as the Ma-Yi Theater Company, New Perspectives, and STAR, a traveling group of actors-educators based at Mount Sinai Hospital.

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