Jones (surname)

Language(s)Middle English
Meaning"John's son"
Region of originEngland and Wales
Other names
Variant form(s)MacSeoin, Johnson, Johnston, Johnstone, John, Johns

Jones is a surname of English and Welsh origins, meaning "John's son". It is most popular in Wales and south central England.[1][2][3]


Distribution of Jones surname in Great Britain

The surname Jones first appears on record as a surname in England in 1273 with the name "Matilda Jones".[3] Others put the first known record of the surname Jones as 1279, in Huntingdonshire, England.[4] Around the time of the union of Wales with England, the traditional Welsh system of patronymics was increasingly replaced by surnames. Furthermore, Christian names such as John which were common in England had become increasingly preferred to distinctively Welsh Christian names such as Marauded and Llewelyn. Thus "Mab Ioan" or "ap Sion" (and many other variations) meaning "son of John" became the surname Jones in a large number of cases, making it a very frequently used surname.[5]

20th and 21st centuries

Jones remains the most widespread surname in Wales, borne by 5.75% of the population.[6] The frequency in England is lower, at 0.75%, but still the second most popular surname, after Smith.[6] The 2000 United States census provides a frequency of 0.50%, providing an overall rank of fifth most frequent with 57.7% White, 37.7% Black, 1.4% Hispanic, 0.9% Native American.[7] Jones was the fourth most common surname in the 1990 U.S. Census, behind only Smith, Johnson and Williams.[8]

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