John W. Campbell Memorial Award for Best Science Fiction Novel

John W. Campbell Memorial Award for Best Science Fiction Novel
A wooden trophy with a metal oval on top standing in front of a podium, which has a plexiglass trophy on top
The permanent trophy of the Campbell Memorial Award and one of the personalized trophies given in 2009
Awarded forThe best science fiction novel published in English in the previous calendar year
Presented byCenter for the Study of Science Fiction
First awarded1973
Most recent winnerDavid Walton (

The John W. Campbell Memorial Award for Best Science Fiction Novel, or Campbell Memorial Award, is an annual award presented by the Center for the Study of Science Fiction at the University of Kansas to the author of the best science fiction novel published in English in the preceding calendar year. It is the novel counterpart of the Theodore Sturgeon Award for best short story, awarded by the same organization.[1] The award is named in honor of John W. Campbell (1910–71), whose science fiction writing and role as editor of Analog Science Fiction and Fact made him one of the most influential editors in the early history of science fiction.[2] The award was established in 1973 by writers and critics Harry Harrison and Brian Aldiss "as a way of continuing his efforts to encourage writers to produce their best possible work."[1] Locus magazine has listed it as one of the "major awards" of written science fiction.[3]

The winning novel is selected by a panel of science fiction experts, intended to be "small enough to discuss among its members all of the nominated novels".[1] Among members of the panel have been Gregory Benford, Paul A. Carter, James Gunn, Elizabeth Anne Hull, Christopher McKitterick, Farah Mendlesohn, Pamela Sargent, and Tom Shippey. In 2008 Mendlesohn was replaced with Paul Kincaid, in 2009 Carter left the panel while Paul Di Filippo and Sheila Finch joined, and Lisa Yaszek replaced Di Filippo in 2016. Nominations are submitted by publishers and jurors, and are collated by the panel into a list of finalists to be voted on. The minimum eligible length that a work may be is not formally defined by the center. The winner is selected by May of each year, and is presented at the Campbell Conference awards banquet in June at the University of Kansas in Lawrence as part of the centerpiece of the conference along with the Sturgeon Award. The award has been given at the conference since 1979; prior to then it was awarded at various locations around the world, starting at the Illinois Institute of Technology in 1973.[1] Winners are always invited to attend the ceremony. The Center for the Study of Science Fiction maintains a trophy which records all of the winners on engraved plaques affixed to the sides, and since 2004 winners have received a smaller personalized trophy as well.[4]

During the 46 years the award has been active, 176 authors have had works nominated; 46 of these authors have won. In two years, 1976 and 1994, the panel selected none of the nominees as a winner, while in 1974, 2002, 2009, and 2012 the panel selected two winners rather than one. Frederik Pohl and Joan Slonczewski have each won twice, the only authors to do so, out of four and two nominations, respectively. Kim Stanley Robinson and Paul J. McAuley have won once out of seven nominations, and Jack McDevitt, Adam Roberts, and Robert J. Sawyer have won once out of five nominations, while Nancy Kress, Bruce Sterling, and Robert Charles Wilson have won once out of four nominations. Greg Bear has the most nominations without winning at nine, followed by Sheri S. Tepper at six, James K. Morrow at five, and William Gibson, Ken MacLeod, and Charles Stross at four.

Winners and nominees

In the following table, the years correspond to the date of the ceremony, rather than when the novel was first published. Each year links to the corresponding "year in literature". Entries with a blue background and an asterisk (*) next to the writer's name have won the award; those with a white background are the other nominees on the shortlist. Entries with a gray background and a plus sign (+) indicate a year where no novel was selected as the winner.

  *   Winners   +   No winner selected

Year Author Novel Publisher Ref.
1973 Barry N. Malzberg* Beyond Apollo Random House [5]
James E. Gunn The Listeners Charles Scribner's Sons [5]
Christopher Priest Darkening Island Harper & Row [5]
1974 Robert Merle* Malevil Simon & Schuster [6]
Arthur C. Clarke* Rendezvous with Rama Harcourt Brace Jovanovich [6]
Ian Watson The Embedding Hodder & Stoughton [6]
Peter Dickinson The Green Gene Anchor Books [6]
1975 Philip K. Dick* Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said Doubleday [7]
Ursula K. Le Guin The Dispossessed Harper & Row [7]
1976 (no award)+ [8]
Robert Silverberg The Stochastic Man Harper & Row [8]
Bob Shaw Orbitsville Victor Gollancz Ltd [8]
1977 Kingsley Amis* The Alteration Viking Press [9]
Frederik Pohl Man Plus Random House [9]
Kate Wilhelm Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang Harper & Row [9]
1978 Frederik Pohl* Gateway St. Martin's Press [10]
Arkady and Boris Strugatsky Roadside Picnic and Tale of the Troika Macmillan Publishers [10]
Philip K. Dick A Scanner Darkly Doubleday [10]
1979 Michael Moorcock* Gloriana Avon Publications [11]
Paddy Chayefsky Altered States Harper & Row [11]
Donald R. Bensen And Having Writ... Bobbs-Merrill Company [11]
1980 Thomas M. Disch* On Wings of Song St. Martin's Press [12]
John Crowley Engine Summer Doubleday [12]
J. G. Ballard The Unlimited Dream Company Holt, Rinehart & Winston [12]
1981 Gregory Benford* Timescape Simon & Schuster [13]
Damien Broderick The Dreaming Dragons Pocket Books [13]
Gene Wolfe The Shadow of the Torturer Simon & Schuster [13]
1982 Russell Hoban* Riddley Walker Jonathan Cape [14]
1983 Brian W. Aldiss* Helliconia Spring Atheneum Books [15]
Michael Bishop No Enemy But Time Timescape [15]
1984 Gene Wolfe* The Citadel of the Autarch Timescape [16]
John Batchelor The Birth of the People's Republic of Antarctica Dial Press [16]
John Thomas Sladek Tik-Tok Victor Gollancz Ltd [16]
1985 Frederik Pohl* The Years of the City Timescape [17]
Lucius Shepard Green Eyes Ace Books [17]
William Gibson Neuromancer Ace Books [17]
1986 David Brin* The Postman Bantam Spectra [18]
Kurt Vonnegut Galápagos Delacorte Press [18]
Greg Bear Blood Music Arbor House [18]
Keith Roberts Kiteworld Victor Gollancz Ltd [18]
1987 Joan Slonczewski* A Door into Ocean Arbor House [19]
James K. Morrow This Is the Way the World Ends Henry Holt and Company [19]
Orson Scott Card Speaker for the Dead Tor Books [19]
1988 Connie Willis* Lincoln's Dreams Bantam Spectra [20]
George Turner The Sea and Summer Faber and Faber [20]
Geoff Ryman The Unconquered Country Bantam Spectra [20]
1989 Bruce Sterling* Islands in the Net Arbor House [21]
Kim Stanley Robinson The Gold Coast Tor Books [21]
Anne McCaffrey Dragonsdawn Del Rey Books [21]
1990 Geoff Ryman* The Child Garden Unwin Hyman [22]
K. W. Jeter Farewell Horizontal St. Martin's Press [22]
John Kessel Good News From Outer Space Tor Books [22]
1991 Kim Stanley Robinson* Pacific Edge Tor Books [23]
Greg Bear Queen of Angels Questar Science Fiction [23]
James K. Morrow Only Begotten Daughter William Morrow and Company [23]
1992 Bradley Denton* Buddy Holly Is Alive and Well on Ganymede William Morrow and Company [24]
William Gibson The Difference Engine Bantam Spectra [24]
Bruce Sterling
Charles Platt The Silicon Man William Morrow and Company [24]
Michael Swanwick Stations of the Tide William Morrow and Company [24]
1993 Charles Sheffield* Brother to Dragons Baen Books [25]
Sheri S. Tepper Sideshow Bantam Spectra [25]
Vernor Vinge A Fire Upon the Deep Tor Books [25]
1994 (no award)+ [26]
Nancy Kress Beggars in Spain Morrow AvoNova [26]
Greg Bear Moving Mars Tor Books [26]
1995 Greg Egan* Permutation City Millennium [27]
Michael Bishop Brittle Innings Bantam Books [27]
1996 Stephen Baxter* The Time Ships HarperCollins [28]
Neal Stephenson The Diamond Age Bantam Spectra [28]
Ian McDonald Chaga Victor Gollancz Ltd [28]
1997 Paul J. McAuley* Fairyland Victor Gollancz Ltd [29]
Kim Stanley Robinson Blue Mars HarperCollins Voyager [29]
Mary Doria Russell The Sparrow Villard [29]
1998 Joe Haldeman* Forever Peace Ace Books [30]
Greg Bear Slant Tor Books [30]
Paul Preuss Secret Passages Tor Books [30]
1999 George Zebrowski* Brute Orbits HarperPrism [31]
Poul Anderson Starfarers Tor Books [31]
Bruce Sterling Distraction Bantam Spectra [31]
2000 Vernor Vinge* A Deepness in the Sky Tor Books [32]
Greg Bear Darwin's Radio Del Rey Books [32]
Norman Spinrad Greenhouse Summer Tor Books [32]
Jack Williamson The Silicon Dagger Tor Books [32]
Peter Watts Starfish Tor Books [32]
2001 Poul Anderson* Genesis Tor Books [33]
Mary Gentle Ash: A Secret History Victor Gollancz Ltd [33]
Robert J. Sawyer Calculating God Tor Books [33]
Jack McDevitt Infinity Beach HarperPrism [33]
Sheri S. Tepper The Fresco Eos [33]
2002 Robert Charles Wilson* The Chronoliths Tor Books [34]
Jack Williamson* Terraforming Earth Tor Books [34]
Nancy Kress Probability Sun Tor Books [34]
Ken MacLeod Dark Light Orbit Books [34]
Jack McDevitt Deepsix Eos [34]
Peter F. Hamilton Fallen Dragon Macmillan Publishers [34]
C. J. Cherryh Hammerfall Eos [34]
Paul Johnston The House of Dust Hodder & Stoughton [34]
Scott Mackay The Meek Roc Books [34]
Maureen F. McHugh Nekropolis Eos [34]
Jon Courtenay Grimwood Pashazade: The First Arabesk Earthlight [34]
Connie Willis Passage Bantam Books [34]
2003 Nancy Kress* Probability Space Tor Books [35]
David Brin Kiln People Tor Books [35]
Robert J. Sawyer Hominids Tor Books [35]
Michael Swanwick Bones of the Earth Eos [35]
Brian Stableford Dark Ararat Tor Books [35]
John C. Wright The Golden Age Tor Books [35]
Steven Barnes Lion's Blood Warner Aspect [35]
Christopher Priest The Separation Charles Scribner's Sons [35]
Sheri S. Tepper The Visitor Eos [35]
Greg Bear Vitals Del Rey Books [35]
2004 Jack McDevitt* Omega Ace Books [36]
Justina Robson Natural History Macmillan Publishers [36]
Philip Baruth The X President Bantam Books [36]
Kay Kenyon The Braided World Bantam Books [36]
Syne Mitchell The Changeling Plague Roc Books [36]
Sheri S. Tepper The Companions Eos [36]
Greg Bear Darwin's Children Del Rey Books [36]
Max Barry Jennifer Government Doubleday [36]
Linda Nagata Memory Tor Books [36]
John Varley Red Thunder Ace Books [36]
Robert Reed Sister Alice Orbit Books [36]
Mike Brotherton Star Dragon Tor Books [36]
Amy Thomson Storyteller Ace Books [36]
James Lovegrove Untied Kingdom Victor Gollancz Ltd [36]
Michael F. Flynn The Wreck of The River of Stars Tor Books [36]
2005 Richard Morgan* Market Forces Victor Gollancz Ltd [37]
Geoff Ryman Air St. Martin's Griffin [37]
Audrey Niffenegger The Time Traveler's Wife MacAdam/Cage [37]
Frederik Pohl The Boy Who Would Live Forever Tor Books [37]
Louise Marley The Child Goddess Ace Books [37]
Karen Traviss City of Pearl Eos [37]
John Barnes Gaudeamus Tor Books [37]
Ken MacLeod Newton's Wake Tor Books [37]
Philip Roth The Plot Against America Houghton Mifflin Harcourt [37]
Jack Dann The Rebel William Morrow and Company [37]
Robert Reed The Well of Stars Orbit Books [37]
Paul J. McAuley White Devils Simon & Schuster [37]
2006 Robert J. Sawyer* Mindscan Tor Books [38]
Robert Charles Wilson Spin Tor Books [38]
Ian R. MacLeod The Summer Isles Aio Publishing [38]
Charles Stross Accelerando Ace Books [38]
David Gerrold Child of Earth BenBella Books [38]
David Marusek Counting Heads Tor Books [38]
Ken MacLeod Learning the World Tor Books [38]
Steve Cash The Meq Tor Books [38]
Paul J. McAuley Mind's Eye Simon & Schuster [38]
Jack McDevitt Seeker Ace Books [38]
Stephen Baxter Transcendent Victor Gollancz Ltd [38]
Karen Traviss The World Before Eos [38]
2007 Ben Bova* Titan Tor Books [39]
James K. Morrow The Last Witchfinder William Morrow and Company [39]
Peter Watts Blindsight Tor Books [39]
Jo Walton Farthing Tor Books [39]
Barbara Sapergia Dry Coteau Books [39]
Charles Stross Glasshouse Ace Books [39]
David Louis Edelman Infoquake Pyr [39]
Justina Robson Living Next Door to the God of Love Tor Books [39]
M. John Harrison Nova Swing Victor Gollancz Ltd [39]
Jack McDevitt Odyssey Ace Books [39]
Vernor Vinge Rainbows End Tor Books [39]
Nick DiChario A Small and Remarkable Life Robert J. Sawyer Books [39]
Karl Schroeder Sun of Suns Tor Books [39]
2008 Kathleen Ann Goonan* In War Times Tor Books [40]
Michael Chabon The Yiddish Policemen's Union HarperCollins [40]
Ken MacLeod The Execution Channel Tor Books [40]
Robert Charles Wilson Axis Tor Books [40]
Matt Ruff Bad Monkeys HarperCollins [40]
Ian McDonald Brasyl Pyr [40]
Jeffrey Thomas Deadstock Solaris Books [40]
Brian W. Aldiss HARM Del Rey Books [40]
Jay Lake Mainspring Tor Books [40]
Sheri S. Tepper The Margarets Eos [40]
Nalo Hopkinson The New Moon's Arms Warner [40]
Robert J. Sawyer Rollback Tor Books [40]
Rebecca Ore Time's Child Eos [40]
José Carlos Somoza Zig Zag Rayo [40]
2009 Cory Doctorow* Little Brother Tor Books [41]
Ian R. MacLeod* Song of Time PS Publishing [41]
James K. Morrow The Philosopher's Apprentice William Morrow and Company [41]
Neal Stephenson Anathem William Morrow and Company [41]
Greg Bear City at the End of Time Del Rey Books [41]
Nick DiChario Valley of Day-Glo Robert J. Sawyer Books [41]
2010 Paolo Bacigalupi* The Windup Girl Night Shade Books [42]
Robert Charles Wilson Julian Comstock: A Story of 22nd-Century America Tor Books [42]
China Miéville The City & the City Del Rey Books [42]
Bruce Sterling The Caryatids Del Rey Books [42]
Kim Stanley Robinson Galileo's Dream Ballantine Spectra [42]
Paul J. McAuley Gardens of the Sun Pyr [42]
Cory Doctorow Makers Tor Books [42]
Nancy Kress Steal Across the Sky Tor Books [42]
Iain M. Banks Transition Orbit Books [42]
Robert J. Sawyer WWW: Wake Ace Books [42]
Margaret Atwood The Year of the Flood Nan A. Talese [42]
Adam Roberts Yellow Blue Tibia Victor Gollancz Ltd [42]
2011 Ian McDonald* The Dervish House Victor Gollancz Ltd [43]
Charles Yu How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe Pantheon Books [43]
Hannu Rajaniemi The Quantum Thief Victor Gollancz Ltd [43]
E. O. Wilson Anthill W. W. Norton & Company [43]
Jean-Christophe Valtat Aurorarama Melville House Publishing [43]
Connie Willis Blackout/All Clear Bantam Spectra [43]
Tom McCarthy C Alfred A. Knopf [43]
Greg Bear Hull Zero Three Orbit Books [43]
Adam Roberts New Model Army Victor Gollancz Ltd [43]
Gavin Smith Veteran Victor Gollancz Ltd [43]
Sheri S. Tepper The Waters Rising Eos [43]
Jon Armstrong Yarn Night Shade Books [43]
William Gibson Zero History Putnam Publishing Group [43]
2012 Christopher Priest* The Islanders Victor Gollancz Ltd [44]
Joan Slonczewski* The Highest Frontier Tor Books [44]
China Miéville Embassytown Del Rey Books [44]
Lavie Tidhar Osama PS Publishing [44]
Ernest Cline Ready Player One Crown Publishing Group [44]
Kathleen Ann Goonan This Shared Dream Tor Books [44]
Will McIntosh Soft Apocalypse Night Shade Books [44]
Michael Swanwick Dancing with Bears Night Shade Books [44]
Daniel H. Wilson Robopocalypse Simon & Schuster [44]
Gene Wolfe Home Fires Tor Books [44]
Rob Ziegler Seed Night Shade Books [44]
2013 Adam Roberts* Jack Glass: The Story of a Murderer Victor Gollancz Ltd [45]
Iain M. Banks The Hydrogen Sonata Orbit Books [45]
Terry Bisson Any Day Now The Overlook Press [45]
David Brin Existence Tor Books [45]
Cory Doctorow and Charles Stross The Rapture of the Nerds Tor Books [45]
M. John Harrison Empty Space Victor Gollancz Ltd, Night Shade Books [45]
Ken MacLeod Intrusion Orbit Books [45]
China Miéville Railsea Del Rey Books [45]
Hannu Rajaniemi The Fractal Prince Victor Gollancz Ltd, Tor Books [45]
Alastair Reynolds Blue Remembered Earth Ace Books [45]
Kim Stanley Robinson 2312 Orbit Books [45]
John Varley Slow Apocalypse Ace Books [45]
G. Willow Wilson Alif the Unseen Grove Press [45]
2014 Marcel Theroux* Strange Bodies Faber and Faber [46]
Max Barry Lexicon Penguin Group [46]
Stephen Baxter Proxima Victor Gollancz Ltd [46]
Dave Eggers The Circle Alfred A. Knopf [46]
Karen Joy Fowler We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves Marian Wood [46]
Nicola Griffith Hild Farrar, Straus and Giroux [46]
Wolfgang Jeschke The Cusanus Game Tor Books [46]
Ann Leckie Ancillary Justice Orbit Books [46]
Phillip Mann The Disestablishment of Paradise Victor Gollancz Ltd [46]
Paul J. McAuley Evening's Empires Victor Gollancz Ltd [46]
Linda Nagata The Red: First Light Mythic Island Press [46]
Christopher Priest The Adjacent Victor Gollancz Ltd [46]
Alastair Reynolds On the Steel Breeze Victor Gollancz Ltd [46]
Kim Stanley Robinson Shaman Orbit Books [46]
Charles Stross Neptune's Brood Ace Books [46]
2015 Claire North* The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August Redhook Books [47]
Nina Allan The Race Newcon Press [47]
James L. Cambias A Darkling Sea Tor Books [47]
William Gibson The Peripheral G. P. Putnam's Sons [47]
Daryl Gregory Afterparty Tor Books [47]
Dave Hutchinson Europe In Autumn Solaris Books [47]
Simon Ings Wolves Victor Gollancz Ltd [47]
Cixin Liu The Three-Body Problem Tor Books [47]
Emily St. John Mandel Station Eleven Alfred A. Knopf [47]
Will McIntosh Defenders Orbit Books [47]
Laline Paull The Bees Ecco Press [47]
Adam Roberts Bête Victor Gollancz Ltd [47]
John Scalzi Lock In Tor Books [47]
Andy Weir The Martian Broadway Books [47]
Jeff VanderMeer Annihilation FSG Originals [47]
Peter Watts Echopraxia Tor Books [47]
2016 Eleanor Lerman* Radiomen Permanent Press [48]
Kim Stanley Robinson Aurora Orbit Books [48]
Nnedi Okorafor The Book of Phoenix DAW Books [48]
Dave Hutchinson Europe at Midnight Solaris Books [48]
James K. Morrow Galapágos Regained St. Martin's Press [48]
Linda Nagata Going Dark Mythic Island Press, Saga Press [48]
Ian McDonald Luna: New Moon Victor Gollancz Ltd, Tor Books [48]
Neal Stephenson Seveneves William Morrow and Company, HarperCollins [48]
Adam Roberts The Thing Itself Victor Gollancz Ltd [48]
Paolo Bacigalupi The Water Knife Orbit Books, Alfred A. Knopf [48]
Kit Reed Where Tor Books [48]
2017 Lavie Tidhar* Central Station Tachyon Publications [49]
Rick Wilber Alien Morning Tor Books [49]
Aliya Whiteley The Arrival of Missives Unsung Stories [49]
Nick Wood Azanian Bridges NewCon Press [49]
Kij Johnson The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe Publishing [49]
Nisi Shawl Everfair Tor Books [49]
Paul J. McAuley Into Everywhere Victor Gollancz Ltd [49]
Stephen Baxter The Medusa Chronicles Saga Press [49]
Alastair Reynolds
Tricia Sullivan Occupy Me Victor Gollancz Ltd [49]
Tade Thompson Rosewater Apex Publications [49]
Ben H. Winters Underground Airlines Mulholland Books [49]
Colson Whitehead The Underground Railroad Doubleday [49]
Don DeLillo Zero K Charles Scribner's Sons [49]
2018 David Walton* The Genius Plague Pyr [50]
Deji Bryce Olukotun After the Flare Unnamed Press [50]
Paul J. McAuley Austral Victor Gollancz Ltd [50]
Annalee Newitz Autonomous Tor Books [50]
Jeff VanderMeer Borne MCD [50]
Louise Erdrich Future Home of the Living God Harper [50]
John Kessel The Moon and the Other Saga Press [50]
Kim Stanley Robinson New York 2140 Orbit Books [50]
Norman Spinrad The People's Police Tor Books [50]
Nina Allan The Rift Titan Books [50]
Eleanor Lerman The Stargazer's Embassy Mayapple Press [50]
Kameron Hurley The Stars Are Legion Saga Press [50]
Christopher Brown Tropic of Kansas HarperCollins [50]
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