Jerome Karle

  • jerome karle
    jerome karle, 2009.jpg
    karle in 2009
    jerome karfunkle

    (1918-06-18)june 18, 1918
    new york city
    diedjune 6, 2013(2013-06-06) (aged 94)
    annandale, virginia
    alma matercity college of new york
    harvard university
    university of michigan
    spouse(s)isabella helen (lugoski) karle (m. 1942; 3 children)
    awardsnobel prize in chemistry in 1985
    scientific career
    fieldsphysical chemistry
    doctoral advisorlawrence o. brockway

    jerome karle (born jerome karfunkle; june 18, 1918 – june 6, 2013) was an american physical chemist. jointly with herbert a. hauptman, he was awarded the nobel prize in chemistry in 1985, for the direct analysis of crystal structures using x-ray scattering techniques.[1][2][3]

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Jerome Karle
Jerome Karle, 2009.jpg
Karle in 2009
Jerome Karfunkle

(1918-06-18)June 18, 1918
DiedJune 6, 2013(2013-06-06) (aged 94)
Alma materCity College of New York
Harvard University
University of Michigan
Spouse(s)Isabella Helen (Lugoski) Karle (m. 1942; 3 children)
AwardsNobel Prize in Chemistry in 1985
Scientific career
FieldsPhysical chemistry
Doctoral advisorLawrence O. Brockway

Jerome Karle (born Jerome Karfunkle; June 18, 1918 – June 6, 2013) was an American physical chemist. Jointly with Herbert A. Hauptman, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1985, for the direct analysis of crystal structures using X-ray scattering techniques.[1][2][3]

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