Jebala people

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Map of Jbala's land in Northern Morocco
Regions with significant populations
Northern Morocco, mostly concentrated in the North-West Morocco and Rif Mountains
Jbala Arabic
Related ethnic groups

The Jebala (Arabic: جبالة‎, translit. Jbala), is a group of Arab[1] mountain people, which inhabit North-West Morocco. The jebala people inhabit the plains from the city of Targuist to the west, in contrast with the Riff people inhabiting the plains from Targuist to the east. The North-West of Morocco include cities such as Tanger (Tingis), Tetouan, Chefchaouen, and Asilah.


The word Jbala comes from Arabic (Arabic: جبالةJbel) which means mountain. Thus Jbala means mountain people. A man or boy is called a Jebli while a woman or a girl is called a Jebliya.

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