Jaime Collyer

Jaime Collyer (born 1955) is a Chilean writer, born in Santiago, Chile in 1955 [1] who became part of a generation of writers known as the "Nueva narrativa chilena" or the New Chilean Narrative.[2] His works have been translated into English, French and other languages, winning various literary prizes and acclaim.


Born in 1955, Collyer claims he discovered the joy of writing fiction as a child in school[3] at a young age. Later in university, studying psychology, he realised "the only thing I wanted to do was to write."[4] Having finished his degree in 1980, Collyer moved to Madrid, Spain in 1981 to begin a writing career and to study International Relations and Political Science.[5] In 1986, he co-wrote a children's book Hacia el nuevo mundo, and his writing career began in earnest from there. He published El infiltrado in 1989, which was awarded a prize as the best Latin-American novel translated to French that year.[6] Collyer has continued to publish works to much critical acclaim[7] and has won the Premio Municipal de Santiago for his short story collections,[8] amongst various other awards for his publications in general. The New York Times Book Review described him as "a born writer".[9]

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