International Socialist Organization

International Socialist Organization
LeaderCollective leadership
(Socialist Worker
Political positionLeft-wing
International affiliation

The International Socialist Organization (ISO) is a socialist organization in the United States that identifies with Trotskyism, Leninism and the Marxist political tradition of "socialism from below".[1]


The ISO advocates replacing the capitalist system with socialism, a system in which society's collective wealth and resources would be democratically controlled to meet human need by those who produce that wealth, i.e. the working class. The organization specifically argues that this working-class majority can end capitalism by leveraging their power over production through mass strikes, and that the creation of a revolutionary workers' party is necessary in coordinating and building the power of such a movement."[2] The ISO supports struggles for economic, political, and social reforms while also maintaining that exploitation, oppression, war, and environmental destruction cannot be eliminated until capitalism is overthrown and replaced with socialism.[3] Because capitalism is a global system, the ISO argues that capitalism cannot be successfully overthrown in individual countries. The ISO holds that the former Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc as well as China and Cuba are examples of bureaucratic, class-stratified states, not socialist societies.