Instituto Nacional General José Miguel Carrera

Instituto Nacional General José Miguel Carrera
Insignia Instituto Nacional.svg
Library of the National Institute
Arturo Prat, 33



Coordinates33°26′43″S 70°39′02″O
School typePublic School
MottoLabor Omnia Vincit
(Hard work kongquers all)
Founded10 August 1813
FoundersJosé Miguel Carrera, Camilo Henríquez
AdministratorDownton Santiago Municipality, Santiago
RectorFernando Soto
Teaching staff127
Colour(s)Blue & Red
NicknameEl Nacional
Team nameClub Deportivo y Social Instituto Nacional
USNWR rankingIDE-Andrés Bello: 1, Municipales
Revista El Sábado: 1, Municipales (564,93)
Alumni4041 (2016)

Instituto Nacional General José Miguel Carrera, often shortened to Instituto Nacional (National Institute), founded on August 10, 1813 by the Chilean patriot José Miguel Carrera, officially Liceo Ex A-0 - Instituto Nacional General José Miguel Carrera, is Chile's oldest learning institution and its most prestigious school. Its motto is 'Labor Omnia Vincit', which means "Hard work conquers all".

It is an all-male public school teaching 7th and 8th grade of the basic level (Educación Básica) and 1st through 4th grade of the intermediate level (Educación Media). It is located in downtown Santiago, Chile, neighboring the University of Chile's main campus. The exact location is Arturo Prat #33, Santiago, Chile.

Instituto Nacional is considered by many to be one of the best schools in Chile, and the most prestigious one.[1]

Many Chilean presidents and other notable personalities have studied at this all-male school.

Chilean presidents are Instituto Nacional alumni:

A partial list of renowned Chilean intellectuals who were both alumni and teachers at the Instituto National is given below:

Other notable alumni include:

Notable intellectuals that taught at the Instituto Nacional include:


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