Ian Gillan

Ian Gillan
Deep Purple - inFinite - The Long Goodbye Tour - Barclaycard Arena Hamburg 2017 22.jpg
Ian Gillan performing live with Deep Purple in Hamburg in May 2017
Background information
Born (1945-08-19) 19 August 1945 (age 74)
Chiswick, London, England
GenresHard rock, heavy metal, blues rock, progressive rock
Occupation(s)Musician, singer-songwriter
Years active1962–present
Associated actsThe Javelins, Episode Six, Deep Purple, Ian Gillan Band, Gillan, Black Sabbath, Gillan & Glover, gillan.com

Ian Gillan (born 19 August 1945) is an English singer and songwriter. He is the lead singer and lyricist for the rock band Deep Purple.

Initially influenced by Elvis Presley, Gillan started and fronted several local bands in the mid-1960s, and eventually joined Episode Six when their original singer left. He first found widespread commercial success after joining Deep Purple in 1969. He resigned from the band in June 1973, having given a lengthy notice period to their managers. After a short time away from the music business, he resumed his music career with solo bands the Ian Gillan Band and Gillan, before a year-long stint as the vocalist for Black Sabbath in 1983. The following year, Deep Purple reformed and two more successful albums followed before he left in 1989. He returned to the group in 1993, and has remained its lead singer ever since.

In addition to his main work—performing with Deep Purple and other bands during the 1970s and 1980s—he sang the role of Jesus in the original recording of Andrew Lloyd Webber's rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar (1970), performed in the charity supergroup Rock Aid Armenia, and engaged in a number of business investments and ventures, including a hotel, a motorcycle manufacturer, and music recording facilities at Kingsway Studios. More recently, he has performed solo concerts concurrently with his latter career in Deep Purple, and his work and affinity with Armenia, combined with his continued friendship with Tony Iommi since his brief time in Black Sabbath, has led him to form the supergroup WhoCares with Iommi. His solo career outside of Deep Purple was given a comprehensive overview with the Gillan's Inn box set in 2006.

Early life

Gillan was born on 19 August 1945[1] at Chiswick Maternity Hospital. His father, Bill, was a storekeeper at a factory in London,[2] who came from Govan, Glasgow and left school at 13, while his mother, Audrey, came from a family where she was the eldest of four children, who all enjoyed music and singing, and whose father had been an opera singer and amateur pianist. His sister, Pauline, was born in 1948.[3] One of Gillan's earliest musical memories was of his mother playing "Blue Rondo à la Turk" on the piano.[4]

He grew up moving between council flats before settling in a three-bedroom semi-detached on a council estate in Cranford, Hounslow,[2] he was fond of animals in his early life, and enjoyed reading the comic strips of Dan Dare.[5] His parents separated after Audrey discovered Bill had had an affair that started while he was stationed in the army during World War II.[6] He began attending Hounslow College and stayed there through his early teenage years. He was influenced by Elvis Presley by hearing his records at home and at the local youth club.[7] Gillan briefly attended Acton County Grammar School (now Acton High School) to take his O Levels[8] but became distracted from studies after leaving the local cinema having watched a Presley film, deciding that he wanted to be a movie actor.[9] He subsequently took a job manufacturing ice machines in Hounslow.[10]

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