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ISO 639-2:1998, Codes for the representation of names of languages — Part 2: Alpha-3 code, is the second part of the ISO 639 standard, which lists codes for the representation of the names of languages. The three-letter codes given for each language in this part of the standard are referred to as "Alpha-3" codes. There are 487 entries in the list of ISO 639-2 codes.

The US Library of Congress is the registration authority for ISO 639-2 (referred to as ISO 639-2/RA). As registration authority, the LOC receives and reviews proposed changes; they also have representation on the ISO 639-RA Joint Advisory Committee responsible for maintaining the ISO 639 code tables.

History and relationship to other ISO 639 standards

Work was begun on the ISO 639-2 standard in 1989, because the ISO 639-1 standard, which uses only two-letter codes for languages, is not able to accommodate a sufficient number of languages. The ISO 639-2 standard was first released in 1998.

In practice, ISO 639-2 has largely been superseded by ISO 639-3 (2007), which includes codes for all the individual languages in ISO 639-2 plus many more. It also includes the special and reserved codes, and is designed not to conflict with ISO 639-2. ISO 639-3, however, does not include any of the collective languages in ISO 639-2; most of these are included in ISO 639-5.

Other Languages
Alemannisch: ISO 639-2
العربية: أيزو 2-639
asturianu: ISO 639-2
azərbaycanca: ISO 639-2
भोजपुरी: आइएसओ 639-2
Bikol Central: ISO 639-2
brezhoneg: ISO 639-2
čeština: ISO 639-2
dansk: ISO 639-2
Deutsch: ISO 639-2
eesti: ISO 639-2
Ελληνικά: ISO 639-2
español: ISO 639-2
estremeñu: ISO 639-2
euskara: ISO 639-2
français: ISO 639-2
Ilokano: ISO 639-2
italiano: ISO 639-2
Jawa: ISO 639-2
latviešu: ISO 639-2
magyar: ISO 639-2
македонски: ISO 639-2
Bahasa Melayu: ISO 639-2
日本語: ISO 639-2
polski: ISO 639-2
Scots: ISO 639-2
sicilianu: ISO 639-2
Simple English: ISO 639-2
српски / srpski: ISO 639-2
தமிழ்: ஐ.எசு.ஓ 639-2
ไทย: ISO 639-2
Türkçe: ISO 639-2
українська: ISO 639-2
اردو: آیزو 639-2
ئۇيغۇرچە / Uyghurche: ISO 639-2
Tiếng Việt: ISO 639-2
Yorùbá: ISO 639-2
粵語: ISO 639-2
中文: ISO 639-2