IQ (band)

IQ Night of the Prog.jpg
IQ at the Night of the Prog Festival, 9 July 2011. L-R: Mike Holmes, Paul Cook (hidden), Peter Nicholls, Neil Durant, and Tim Esau.
Background information
OriginSouthampton, England
GenresNeo-progressive rock, progressive metal, pop rock, art rock
Years active1981 (1981)–present
LabelsThe Major Record Company, The Classic One Shoe Record Label, MSI, Sahara, Samurai, Squawk, Vertigo, Mercury, Giant Electric Pea, SPV, Inside Out
Associated actsArena, Frost*, Ian Parker Band, Jadis, The Lens, Priory of Brion,
MembersMike Holmes
Tim Esau
Peter Nicholls
Paul Cook
Neil Durant
Past membersMartin Orford
Mark Ridout
Paul Menel
Les Marshall
John Jowitt
Andy Edwards
Mark Westworth

IQ are a British neo-progressive rock band founded by Mike Holmes and Martin Orford in 1981[1] following the dissolution of their original band The Lens. Although the band have never enjoyed major commercial success and had several line up changes, IQ have built up a loyal following over the years and are still active as of 2018. In 2011, IQ performed a series of concerts in the UK and Europe celebrating their 30th anniversary.

The Neo-Progressive movement

IQ were one of a small number of British bands formed during the early 1980s, including Marillion, Pendragon, Twelfth Night, Pallas, Quasar, LaHost and Solstice that continued with the progressive rock style forsaken by 1970s bands such as Genesis and Yes.[2] The music press coined the phrase neo-progressive to describe these bands, often accusing them of simply copying the styles of other bands. This accusation has been strenuously denied by Martin Orford, who is against the use of the term "neo progressive"[3] and claims the band have wide-ranging and eclectic selection of musical influences.[4]

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