God of Sleep
Waterhouse-sleep and his half-brother death-1874.jpg
Hypnos and Thanatos, Sleep and His Half-Brother Death by John William Waterhouse
Abode Underworld
Symbol Poppy
Personal Information
Consort Pasithea
Children Morpheus, Phobetor and Phantasos (according to Ovid)
Parents Nyx and Erebus
Siblings Thanatos, Nemesis, Eris, Keres, Oneiroi, Apate, Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos, Oizys and many others
Roman equivalent Somnus

In Greek mythology, Hypnos ( s/; Greek: Ὕπνος, "sleep") [1] is the personification of sleep; the Roman equivalent is known as Somnus. [2]


In the Greek mythology, Hypnos is the son of Nyx ("The Night") and Erebus ("The Darkness"). His brother is Thanatos ("Death"). Both siblings live in the underworld ( Hades) or in Erebus, another valley of the Greek underworld. According to rumors, Hypnos lives in a big cave, which the river Lethe ("Forgetfulness") comes from and where night and day meet. His bed is made of ebony, on the entrance of the cave grow a number of poppies and other hypnotic plants. No light and no sound would ever enter his grotto. According to Homer, he lives on the island Lemnos, which later on has been claimed to be his very own dream-island. His children Morpheus ("Shape"), Phobetor ("Fear") and Phantasos ("Imagination, Fantasy") are the gods of the dream. It is claimed that he has many more children, which are also Oneiroi. He is said to be a calm and gentle god, as he helps humans in need and, due to their sleep, owns half of their lives. [3] [4]

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