Hyblaean Mountains

Hyblaean Mountains
Location of Monti Iblei.
Highest point
Elevation986 m (3,235 ft)
Coordinates37°06′58″N 14°49′13″E / 37°06′58″N 14°49′13″E / 37.11611; 14.82028
Hyblaean Mountains is located in Italy
Hyblaean Mountains
Hyblaean Mountains
LocationProvince of Ragusa, Province of Syracuse, Sicily, Italy
Easiest routemountain walk from the road at Buscemi

The Hyblaean Mountains (Italian: Monti Iblei)[1] is a mountain range in south-eastern Sicily, Italy. It straddles the provinces of Ragusa, Syracuse and Catania. The highest peak of the range is Monte Lauro, at 986 m.


The name derives from the Siculi king Hyblon, who gave a portion of his territory to Greek colonists to build the town of Megara Hyblaea.

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